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Removable LED turn signals

Never smash your blinkers again!


LED Turn Signals

Explore Our Range of Removable Turn Signals for Off-Road & Adventure Bikes


Don't risk it

Safety without compromise



Fits most bikes and brands -
enduro, adventure, street


Built tough

Quality components,
tested and proven in the harsh
Australian environment.


LED Turn Signals like you’ve never seen before

After our success in Australia, we are bringing our CLICKnRIDE products to North America! Our universal LED turn signals for off-road and adventure bikes offer an innovative click release system, making it easy for riders to instantly remove their turn signals for off-road riding. This prevents any damage to your turn signals due to a fall, a swipe of a tree or other obstacles. CLICKnRIDE solve motorcycle rider’s top concern when it comes to broken turn signals when riding trails or tracks. There is truly nothing else like it on the market!

Simple Quick Release Solution

CLICKnRIDE provides a unique solution so you’ll never have to worry about breaking your turn signals when off-road riding again. Using our innovative quick-release plug, you can easily detach the turn signals within seconds, all without the need for any tools. Simply click them out by hand and conveniently stash them in your backpack, leaving you worry free while you venture off-road.

Time and Cost Effective

It's the weekend and you're stuck in the shed fixing another set of busted turn signals that got smashed on the last ride. Time to upgrade to CLICKnRIDE removable LED turn signals so you can claim back your weekends with your mates!

Safety Without Compromise

After rigorous testing in harsh Australian terrain, we pride ourselves on delivering a product that is built with the highest of quality. Using premium materials and construction, our turn signals utilise Philips high intensity LEDs and a distinctive 3D 'cats-eye' lens to deliver exceptional visibility and performance. What's more, our innovative quick-release system guarantees a safe and effortless journey back home after each ride!

The only way to be 100% sure you won't break your turn signals when riding off-road - CLICKnRIDE.

Damien C.Boronia Heights, QLD

Normally I would break one blinker every time I head out. I have had none broken on the trails since I swapped over to the ‘Click n Ride’ system. They have payed for themselves already. I love the product, keep up the great innovations.

Scott B.Mount Tamborine, QLD

It's exactly what I needed. Nearly every time I went for a ride in the bush I'd break my blinkers and it took me a while to find the time to fix them. So I would like to say a big THANK YOU! for this Click n Ride system, I tried it out on the weekend and loved them.

Travis R.QLD

The price might seem a lot to begin with but working out how much you spend on replacing blinkers that get broken and the fines you can get from not having working blinkers, these will save you money in the long run. The biggest benefit to me - not having to purchase anymore indicators again.

All new body and lens with seamless, waterproof ultra-sonic sealed lens.
3D Lens Optics powered by premium quality SMD Philips LEDs.
Proven click-release spindle with no moving parts to wear out.
Protective rubber moisture guard eliminates water splashes, dust and mud from the socket and surrounding area for easy clicking in and out.
Easy-fit socket.
Lens combines unique frosted outer surface with concave, crystal-bright inner zone featuring 3D ‘cats-eye’ lens optics.
Vibration-proof components. Everything has been soldered, glued and screwed down!
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