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From humble beginnings (and a great deal of frustration)

an idea was born…

CLICKnRIDE was born in the garage when we got sick of busting our turn signals when bush-bashing (urban slang: bush-bash, verb Australian slang. 1. to clear scrubland. 2. to drive through thick scrubland.).

From those grassroot beginnings to this day, we maintain our passion and drive, continuing to explore and develop the original concept – always designing and manufacturing to the highest standard.

We believe gear that performs at the highest level allows riders to embrace their adventure and enjoy the day – whether out on the trails pushing your own boundaries, or having a blast with your mates.

Ultimately it comes down to peace of mind…on and off the road for motorcyclists ready for adventure and play.

Our latest design is a testament to our dedication and the pursuit of excellence. CLICKnRIDE products incorporate the highest quality parts and materials we can find, with a design that is practical, universally stylish, has built-in strength and durability and is easy to fit.

We understand riding is a great pastime, a great sport – but it’s also a way of life and we owe it to ourselves to make as much time as possible to do the things we truly live for.

Gen 1.0 prototype concept testing

Gen 2.0 production model