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CLICK’n’RIDE removable motorcycle turn indicators.

CLICK’n’RIDE® are universal LED turn signals for off-road, dual-sport and adventure motorcycles. With our innovative click-release system, riders can simply and instantly remove their turn signals when off-road and protect them from being broken off in a fall, a swipe of a tree or other obstacles. 

CLICK’n’RIDE® is a unique product that addresses an unmet need with a proven, high and immediate buy-in with both retail and end-user customers.


  • Proven, mature product
  • Excellent margins
  • +2 years of sales across Australia
  • 94% of retailers regularly re-order
    – high customer demand
  • High quality, high visibility packaging
  • Universal – fits almost any motorcycle


  • E Mark certified
  • ISO 9001 Manufacturing
  • Trademarks and Patents

Open up your product portfolio and strengthen your position with existing customers – CLICK’n’RIDE removable blinkers are a truly unique product that will help you keep customers loyal and happy – riders love CLICK’n’RIDE!


Our passion, commitment and experience drives us to continue to improve and develop the original concept and to manufacture to the highest standards.

Our latest design is a testament to that dedication and the pursuit of excellence. CLICK’n’RIDE products incorporate the highest quality parts and materials we could find, with a design that is universally stylish, has built-in strength and durability and is easy to fit.


Peace of mind…on and off the road for motorcyclists ready for adventure and play.


To create innovative, well designed, durable and compliant motorcycle accessories that enhance safety and reduce the hassle for motorcyclists enjoying their sport.


Acting with integrity and fairness is at the heart of our business. By developing our products with integrity, we produce solutions that are more admirable, deliver more value and provide our customers and partners with a richer, more rewarding outcome.

We invite you to preview our summary information to consider an exclusive distribution arrangement in your Territory.


Mr Dan Zylinski
360 TWO Pty Ltd
PO Box 1106
NSW 2627

+61 414 699 448

Never smash your blinkers again!

CLICKnRIDE removable indicators!

All new body and lens with seamless, ultra-sonic sealed lens.
3D Lens Optics powered by premium quality SMT Philips LEDs.
Proven click-release spindle with no moving parts to wear out. (Reverse compatible with original-design socket).
All new rubber moisture guard eliminates water splashes, dust and mud from the socket and surrounding area for easy clicking in and out. (Reverse compatible with original-design lights).
All new easy-fit socket.
Lens combines unique frosted outer surface with concave, crystal-bright inner zone featuring 3D ‘cats-eye’ lens optics.
Vibration-proof components. Everything has been soldered, glued and screwed down!
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