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CLICKnRIDE® Turn Signals are designed to fit almost any bike and meet all legal requirements. With premium quality parts the click-release system gets you going in seconds and provides peace of mind… on and off the road.

Installation Instructions:

Installing CLICKnRIDE® is quick and easy but there are some important instructions to follow that will ensure trouble-free riding.

Compatibility Chart:

A recent survey of Motorcycle Dealers & Workshops confirmed the installation was easy and quick on every motorcycle model CLICKnRIDE® had been fitted to and respondents unanimously agree the quality of the product is very high. Our experience shows that most riders will opt to remove the cumbersome OEM tail tidy, and fit a compact one instead, providing the perfect place to install the socket.

LED Resistors:

This guide has been written to help you install the CLICKnRIDE® Resistor on your Motorcycle if your bike is pre-wired for globed lights.

Tail Tidies:

Some bikes have limited options for locating the turn indicator sockets. If your bike doesn’t have enough plastic on the rear fender you can still use CLICKnRIDE® by adding a Bracket or Tail Tidy. Check out our guide.


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