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Sick of busting your blinkers?

Convert your bike to removable turn signals.

Prima Series - for Enduro & Dual-Sport bikesNova Series - for Adventure & Track bikes

Of course the real benefit of CLICKnRIDEs is the option to remove the turn signals when riding off-road or lapping tracks. It is the ONLY way to ensure your turn signals won’t get busted, giving you complete peace-of-mind knowing your safety will not be compromised when it’s time to click them back in and head home.


With contemporary styling, high quality materials, super bright custom LEDs and 3D lens arrays, silicon seals and caps to keep the water and dirt out, CLICKnRIDE removable turn signals can be easily installed on any dirt, adventure, road or track motorcycle - ready to go where riders dare!

Claim back your weekends!

We understand riding is a great pastime, a great sport – but it’s also a way of life and we owe it to ourselves to make as much time as possible to do the things we truly live for. Once installed, CLICKnRIDE gives you peace-of-mind knowing you won't spend your weekend in the garage fixing turn signals!