CLICKnRIDE Universal Turn Signal Socket


Install our CLICKnRIDE® Universal Sockets on multiple bikes and share your LED turn signals between rides! Our sockets are easy to install and allow you to effortlessly click and remove your turn signals when needed.

Reasons you’ll love CLICKnRIDE® LED Turn Signals

● Quick release system
● Easy to install
● Super bright LED lights
● Water tight
● Install sockets on all your bikes and swap lights between them
● 2 year warranty for peace of mind
● Free shipping for orders over $50
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Our CLICKnRIDE® LED turn signals give riders peace of mind while riding their dual-sport and adventure bikes. With our innovative click-release system, riders can easily detach their turn signals when venturing off-road, avoiding any damage caused by falls, tree branches or other obstacles.

By installing our CLICKnRIDE® Universal Sockets across all motorcycles and quad bikes, riders can easily share their turn signals between them! These sockets are permanently fixed to the bike to allow our turn signals to be easily clicked into place and detached when needed.

CLICKnRIDE® Universal Socket with Moisture Guard includes:

• 1 socket with wiring (bullet ends)
• 1 rubber Moisture Guard plug
• 1 nylon spacers (1mm)
• 1 nylon spacer (2mm)

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Additional information

Weight .045 kg
Dimensions 22 × 6 × 3.5 cm

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