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Customer Reviews

We’re always hearing great feedback from our customers about how CLICKnRIDE Indicators have made their riding experience so much happier – no more busted blinkers and no more unwanted ‘roadside chats’ on the way home!

Here’s a few of the comments we’ve received recently:

"Normally I would break one blinker every time I head out"

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of the version 2 ‘Click n Ride’ package. I held out buying new blinkers until they were released. Perfect timing I must say I had one good blinker left and the rest were all held together with cable ties and tape…not a good look.

Once I received them, I got very busy installing them.Wow. Easier than I had thought, considering my last indicator installation. The wiring was heavy duty in comparison to others as well a big plus. The resistors were an easy addition, with the help of cable ties.

The new blinkers flash bright and clear.

And now when I ride to the trails from home, at the start of the trail, I just reach behind and in unplug them, push in the cap, place the blinkers in my back pack. There is no need for me to get off my moto.

I am loving it so much more.

Far less worry about being fined by the police again now.

There are no protruding parts to break off mid trail ride.The blinker mount is almost unseen when the blinkers are disconnected. When I get back to the road edge, I pull them out of my back pack. Reach around, and plug them back in and go.

Normally I would break one blinker every time I head out. I have had none broken on the trails since I swapped over to the ‘Click n Ride’ system. They have payed for themselves already.
I love the product, keep up the great innovations.

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Damien C.
Boronia Heights, QLD.

"It is exactly what I needed"

I have a WR 250 and nearly every time I go for a ride in the bush I break my blinkers and it takes me a while to find the time to fix them so I can go out on the road again. So I would like to say a big THANK YOU! for this Click n Ride system, I tried it out on the weekend and loved them. The installation was relatively easy. Just some minor modifications needed to the back of the bike. They look good when plugged in for the road and nice and inconspicuous when unplugged for the bush. It is exactly what I needed.

Thanks again!

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Scott B.
Mount Tamborine, QLD.

"...these will save you money in the long run."

With the new click and ride indicators I can remove them on the trails with ease and put them in my back pack and then when returning to the road they just plug back in only taking a few seconds, and being ADR approved they are legal with the biggest plus being people can actually see them when you are riding on the road.

Their sleek new design is great and is a real feature of the bike when fitted. Easy to fit with minimal tools required. Really like the extra safety of plugging the rubber plug into the blinker when installed.

The price might seem a lot to begin with but working out how much you spend on replacing blinkers that get broken in the bush and the fines you can get from not having working blinkers, these will save you money in the long run.

That would be the biggest benefit to me, not having to purchase anymore indicators again.

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Travis R.