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Brackets & Tail Tidies

If you’re converting an MX-style bike, or changing turn signals on your dual-sport bike to keep it street legal you’ll need to locate a suitable place to permanently install the CLICKnRIDE® sockets. The front pair is easily attached to the top of the forks with “L” shaped brackets and the rears to the plastic fender. The rear fender usually has enough plastic to use as a suitable location, however if that’s not the case with your particular bike you can still fit CLICKnRIDE® by incorporating a Tail Tidy that includes Licence Plate holder and light and 10mm holes for the Socket.

Front Pair


The front pair is easily attached to the top of the forks with “L” shaped brackets as shown in the photo.

Rear Pair



There are various types of universal and adjustable Tail Tidies on the market and with a little online research you’ll find many options that will best suit your needs and style. The most common types you’ll see are the plastic extensions which also include a stop light, or the adjustable metal licence holder type.

Before purchasing a Tail Tidy, consider the material and quality to ensure the unit won’t fail from vibration or impact.

Rear mount Tail Tidies come in 3 basic configurations:
• fixed metal bracket that is designed for specific models
• universal adjustable metal bracket
• universal plastic extension